7.12. OMAP4 ISS Driver

Author: Sergio Aguirre <sergio.a.aguirre@gmail.com>

Copyright (C) 2012, Texas Instruments

7.12.1. Introduction

The OMAP44XX family of chips contains the Imaging SubSystem (a.k.a. ISS), Which contains several components that can be categorized in 3 big groups:

  • Interfaces (2 Interfaces: CSI2-A & CSI2-B/CCP2)

  • ISP (Image Signal Processor)

  • SIMCOP (Still Image Coprocessor)

For more information, please look in 1 for latest version of: “OMAP4430 Multimedia Device Silicon Revision 2.x”

As of Revision AB, the ISS is described in detail in section 8.

This driver is supporting only the CSI2-A/B interfaces for now.

It makes use of the Media Controller framework 2, and inherited most of the code from OMAP3 ISP driver (found under drivers/media/platform/ti/omap3isp/*), except that it doesn’t need an IOMMU now for ISS buffers memory mapping.

Supports usage of MMAP buffers only (for now).

7.12.2. Tested platforms

7.12.3. File list

drivers/staging/media/omap4iss/ include/linux/platform_data/media/omap4iss.h

7.12.4. References