dGPU firmware flashing


Flashing the dGPU integrated firmware image (IFWI) is supported by GPUs that use the PSP to orchestrate the update (Navi3x or newer GPUs). For supported GPUs, amdgpu will export a series of sysfs files that can be used for the flash process.

The IFWI flash process is:

  1. Ensure the IFWI image is intended for the dGPU on the system.

  2. “Write” the IFWI image to the sysfs file psp_vbflash. This will stage the IFWI in memory.

  3. “Read” from the psp_vbflash sysfs file to initiate the flash process.

  4. Poll the psp_vbflash_status sysfs file to determine when the flash process completes.


On GPUs that support flashing an updated USB-C PD firmware image, the process is done using the usbc_pd_fw sysfs file.

  • Reading the file will provide the current firmware version.

  • Writing the name of a firmware payload stored in /lib/firmware/amdgpu to the sysfs file will initiate the flash process.

The firmware payload stored in /lib/firmware/amdgpu can be named any name as long as it doesn’t conflict with other existing binaries that are used by amdgpu.

sysfs files


Reading from this file will retrieve the USB-C PD firmware version. Writing to this file will trigger the update process.


Writing to this file will stage an IFWI for update. Reading from this file will trigger the update process.


The status of the flash process. 0: IFWI flash not complete. 1: IFWI flash complete.